DWU students’ stand on O’Neill crisis

21 Jun

By Concy Simon

Divine Word University students are supporting their sister universities to ask Prime Minister Peter O’Neil to allow himself to be questioned by police. However, the students will not take part in the current students’ protest.

DWU Students Representative Council (SRC) and administration organised a forum at the main campus on May 11 for students to express their opinions on the issue. Liklik Diwai has also asked students to express their views regarding the issue.

A second year journalism student, Benjamin Tabie, said that the PM must submit to the law and let the fraud squad interview him to prove that he was not guilty.

“The students are protesting because he simply refuses to be interviewed with no respect to the nation’s constitution”, Benjamin said. He said that people already have negative impressions about the PM in a sense that he must be guilty and is refusing to face the law.

A second year tourism and hospitality management student, Christopher Kagl, said leaders and ordinary citizens of this country should know that the law was there to guide their actions and punish their wrong doings.

“We should respect and uphold our constitution at various levels to be transparent in whatever we do for the good of our country.

“If the Prime Minister cannot respect the law of this country at his level, it is a bad example to other leaders and citizens to follow that same path and as a result we will have a weak constitution that would lead to corruption and law and order problems”, Christopher said.

Social and religious studies student Koni Poiye said this issue was a challenge for them as future leaders to think constructively to find better solutions through the coming 2017 national election.

“Students must go back to their respective provinces at the end of this academic year and do awareness about issues affecting our country and to make wise choice for leaders in 2017 national election”.



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